The inspiring blog award

The very inspiring blog award


Well, it has been a very, very long time since I have been tapping at the keys. I have started my new work at a plant nursery and have been there for about 5 weeks. Therefore by the time I drive back my blogging mind is not at its best. Finally I have found the time to have a read and I am very pleased to have received the very inspiring blog award from Amanda. I don’t consider myself the most creative writer but am thrilled to hear that she thinks I have a wise head upon young shoulders.  Amanda’s blog is fun to read and humorous with her unique style on writing to rant! Her link to the blog is as followed –

Within the blog award Amanda has listed some questions for other people to gain an insight into other bloggers nominated. Here are her questions and my answers!

1; How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as initially a very quiet person, it takes unique people to make me feel comfortable around them and talk. If not then I will be very quiet around you for a long time and I will struggle to talk. This often is seen as arrogance or rude but before you meet me please consider how I feel. So yes, I am not the boldest person but I am honest, a great listener and like to involve myself in political and taboo subjects in discussion.

I am full of surprises and interest that make me not the usual eighteen year old lad. From reading the trilogy of Fifty shades of grey (fantastic book) to a strong love of classical music.

2; If your life were a movie, who would play you?

I watch a vast variety of movies but I find that action movies and thrillers are gripping but the characters don’t shine through as much as the plot does. Love and romance films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Some like it hot are both great films. I guess I could say I would play those main parts as it symbolizes a person who has everything as in glamour and fashion yet there inner life and quest for love is one of a hard struggle. Their role would be an interesting concept and life to morph into.

3; Can you remember your last dream?

I cannot remember my last dream. The only dreams I manage to remember are the ones that have significance to my life, I think about them for five minutes during awakening and then I will have a longer memory of them.

4; If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I have visited the usual places such as Spain, France and Thailand. I don’t have an urge to go to places that much because what I seek is happiness and love. To gain that you don’t have to move thousands of miles, put yourself out there and successfully integrate with a variety of people in order to gain a feeling. I am all for culture and exploring but unless you can share those travels with someone then it isn’t worth the money.

5; Describe your ideal day

My ideal day would not be care free, without care the time and movement of life would not exist. It would just be at a standstill. An ideal day would be a normal day where I face the usual situations and difficulties. For it to be ideal I would wish that I could deal with these issues better than I have been doing so far.

6; What was your first pet?

My first pet was the typical rabbit. It was the thing that every kid had because they were cute and fluffy. The hutch was small and didn’t take up space although they made one hell of a mess with the waste. Despite the cleaning up they were fun to have and I used to walk them round the garden on rabbit leads from Pets at home. They were the perfect kiddie cuddles companion at that age!

7; If you could eat one thing for a month, what would it be?

I love food and the experimental process of arranging food to make it visually pleasing; I don’t often think of a food though which I would like to have for a month. I probably would go vegetarian for that month to see how the human body responds and whether we can depend solely on veg.

8; If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Flying and mind reading have crossed my mind but  I would get bored of flying and it would make me lazy as I wouldn’t do any exorcise. Mind reading has always been an interesting one because you would be able to gauge people within an instant although having said that, people’s thoughts are private and should stay that way. If I could read minds then there would be no need for conversation because I would know the answer. This ability would bring nothing but boredom and disappointment to life because there wouldn’t be the turn taking and laughter response we get from conversation.

The super power I would choose is living forever. Yes it is a drastic one of choice and I would watch everyone die around me but here’s the concept. You will learn and become wise being the superior one. The greatest study is human life and interactions and being immortal I would be able to fulfil that.

9; What are your favorite pizza toppings?

I like pizza but don’t love it so here is a boring answer! I don’t have one. It is more to do with the quality of food. Say, I could have a cheese pizza with salami which I hate but if the process of baking and ingredients are good then it would taste fine to me.

10; Are you a morning or night person?

I am a morning person. Productivity is the key to moving forward. A good start or in my case a tired and sleep start is always good. The fact that you get up and shower marks the start of the day and the rest follows. If you lay in then when you finally get out of bed then you will feel sluggish and it will take longer to engage into the natural waking process. In theory when you wake up, you should get up. The cortisol wakening is where sunlight is present and helps you wake by releasing chemicals in your brain. Stalling this by lying in will result in a staggered slower wakening than what you had intended.

11; How do you want people to remember you when you’re gone?

I don’t want to be famous or rich in any means. I do have an aim to be successful and hard working. With this success I will have a family who I will love and care for deeply and I will always work hard to love people and work for equality.

So there are my answers to Amanda’s questions and because I have not been blogging recently it will be hard to choose who to nominate.

I do know for sure that Esther Kearney - is worthy of the award simply because of her perseverance with me and willingness to talk about everything. Also, like me she is a very young blogger who has just turned seventeen so I would like to give her some recognition and help increase her blogging society.

Beheadings, child abuse and murder: Is this really what our children want to hear?

Children living in the 21st Century are relentlessly bombarded by the radio and media about the goings on in the world. Recent events such as the beheading of journalists and the downing of MH17 are disastrous yet, they’re somewhat irrelevant. The recent horrors and barbaric incidents are thousands of miles away in war struck countries. Children during 1939 again had access to the radio. They listened to updates and events on the war as their fathers and brothers were fighting for the country. The Second World War was a huge event in history; families huddled round radios for lists of deceased. Nowadays, our children and I listen daily, during breakfast the media shout in our ears about murders, killings and large scale child abuse. Some of the stories are disturbing and graphic. For example, you wouldn’t allow a young child to watch a gruesome horror movie would you? Yet, equally disturbing stories are allowed to be broadcast.

The fact that media and coverage is so easily obtained makes me question, what is the benefit? Will constant feeds of horrors make people feel more secure about the world, or will it cause increasing paranoia and inability to fly on planes for the younger generation.

The media have progressed and evolved into the dark and somewhat sinister place where death is always a highlight. It is like the Grim Reaper himself is the head editor. The world has always been like this. Murder and crime is sadly a part of human culture. As the media grow the publicity of tragedies has risen. The media do publish stories that actually make people smile. For example the birth of Prince George or the nurse who has been successfully treated from Ebola. For some reason, the highlight of curing Ebola from this nurse has only had small existence in the media, it was only recently cured! Currently it is the beheading of a second journalist and the possibility of a Brit to be the next to the knife.

Experience: Insecurity and nervousness lost me the dream job

Experience: Insecurity and nervousness lost me the dream job

Tree surgery was my dream job and I had always wanted to do it from a very young age. The whole business of climbing trees with chainsaws is a great job, it’s a little dangerous to say the least but that was the interest I had. Also, for me the practical side appealed as well. Knot tying and all the gadgets also added the challenging aspect to me, all something which I am good at. It was the perfect opportunity to go out on two days with the company and see how it was.

The first day on the work was great or, the work itself seemed it. Admittedly it poured with rain all day and it was hard to keep a happy face. Despite this I worked well and helped out with the team like the other apprentice who also was on the first day. Now, all this seems right doesn’t it? The hard work and the horrendous rain could put many people off yet I had not given up or shown signs of complaint at what I was doing. Really I was the ideal candidate. Sadly I wasn’t, there was little conversation between me and the crew. I didn’t even speak to the other lad who was on his first day either. Instead I had got myself into a very, very nervous state of mind. I couldn’t make conversation or speak to any of the guys there. They were all very laddish burly guys and to me were a bit intimidating.

The point I would like to make is that no matter who they are, you will always encounter people who you may not liken to at first. You may cower away in your shell and become silent yet still work like a Trojan. Within the first impression you really have to make an effort. It is fine to be nervous, in fact it is a good thing because it shows you care and are passionate to do well. No matter how uncomfortable you feel around people you must try the first time. If you don’t then it will cost you. In my case I was out of the list of likely candidates for the job. An important yet useful technique is to be an actor. People won’t pay for a bad performance; neither will the employer employ you. In order to do well, envision yourself on a stage. The business is the audience and you are the actor.







A thought to turning eighteen


The last week or so I had been dreading the turn to the famous eighteen years of age, I for one was not going to make a thing of it but everyone else was. For the past weeks I had people going “Oh you’re going to be eighteen! Happy birthday” as usual I smiled and acknowledged, gritting my teeth silently as yet again I am reminding of my age. I suppose celebration for me is difficult and I may not show it as a good thing. My face is taught and kind of emotionless as I divert the fact that I am the point of everyone’s attention.18th

I had been that same old Mr cheery about my sixteen and seventeenth, this time though I faced more of a challenge than keeping my low excitement in. The changes of age hadn’t really kicked in to me yet. I never really see people by age. I see people as people. As with relationships age does not matter; of course if something is blatantly out of proportion then yes age is an issue but in love and mutual commitment it ceases to interrupt. Anyway back to my sudden realisation, I am sure everyone has experienced that sudden drop in the mind and you feel silence. It may be the day during the birthday celebration or several weeks before the actual event. For me it was the day before. The decision of whether to have a birthday cake was a huge and suddenly sensitive issue as I didn’t want a fuss but felt kind of felt a loss if there was not cake. A huge wave of guilt wiped over me as I thought if I don’t have one then it won’t feel like birthday, after all it was my eighteenth and I thought, cut the crap about embarrassment and focus of attention. I won’t get another big birthday for a while so I myself should try and enjoy it.

So as I turn eighteen on the 1st of August I will most probably be reflecting on my life. The lurking excitement of buying my own alcohol is of course still there but the memories of people and friends will be prominent and reoccurring during those twenty four hours. I don’t mean that dramatically as if these people have died, it is more of a memory and pride. It will be eighteen years of those people and I will continue to keep them with me.



The Liebster award


I had never heard of the Liebster award before but from what I have learnt it is an online award given by bloggers to bloggers! I would like to thank Esther Kearney for nominating myself and a handful of other bloggers for the award.

Here is the link to Esther’s blog – or

On her blog she kindly shares embarrassing, strange and funny situations that we all may find ourselves in at some point. Check her out for her perceptions on these events!

Now, the Liebster award sometimes can be misconceived as a chainmail blog or something pointless to pass on within the online community just because we have to. This award however is for bloggers with a lower number of followers but are still worthy of recognition, following the line-up, each person nominated must then answer eleven questions provided by the nominator. Think of the questions as a short introduction to yourself before you pass on the award. It gives each and every one of us an opportunity to provide insights to each other.

Okay below are the questions submitted by Esther.

A hidden talent you have?

 A hidden talent is that I can produce high pitched dog like whistle by screaming. It does not sound like a scream and I can discretely use this when out with the dogs!

If you knew that you would definitely succeed (no matter how outrageous it is) what would you do?

I feel very strongly about the war and crime in the world. Within the world there is too much hate and personally as a normal human being, I don’t see a reason for it. If I were to choose something and succeed it would be as a world leader fixing all the wrongness. It would cost the world but in the long run human life would exist a lot longer.

If you could be any celebrity/character/person for a day who would you be and why?

I didn’t give this much thought as I don’t really idol celebs or people. If it had to be someone then Johnny Depp would be my choice. He is an amazing actor who has played many faces, his whole acting persona is intricate, amusing and individual with likeness.

Why did you start blogging?

 I started blogging because I like writing. It helps gather your thoughts into either creating a personal online diary to share with others or a humorous way to broadcast your thoughts with likeminded people. The actual element of blogging and coming up with creative text is a challenge in itself. A daily blogger will have a much broader mind on subjects and can manipulate anything to anyone’s liking by having an extensive knowledge on combinations of sentencing. Writing is on-going, this ability is essential. Blogging was the starting point of learning this.

What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you this week?

I actually couldn’t think of anything as it has all been fairly normal recently.

If you had 10 minutes on a popular TV talk show, what would you talk about?

 Again like my run for world leader I would talk very openly about the current issues in the world. I would try and resolve them from basic conversation to prove that you don’t have to be a man in a suit to correct problems.

What motivates you?

I had a period where I used to get motivated by money, without people, humans feel like shit. Many things motivate me from wanting to feel alive to the days passing by till the next skiing holiday. The most important value to me is the CORRECT people. Sure, people can have a ton of friends but they can still be as dull as grey. Within life I want to find the people. For me these people are, friends, family and my own someone to call my wife.

 What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?

This is probably a personal one, and normally I wouldn’t answer it but because it is part of the award I will. Missing in my life is companionship and friends. I used to have that but it went for an unknown reason, even I don’t know why. Secondly is that the people which you feel close to however are the wrong people. I feel close to them because my insecurities go away and if there are problems then I have no worry telling them. I enjoy their company greatly and I am sure I could be theirs too. These people may be too distant or maybe there is a significant age gap that is frowned upon. Anyway, as I mentioned that was personal so I will leave it at that for your imagination to figure my case.

If you could have one, what super power would you have and why?

I would love to fly. Simply because it is an element of freedom, kind of like swimming I guess. The flying however would not be superhuman enough for me to speed through cities at 100 miles an hour. This super power would be like running or jogging. The more you do it then the longer the duration if we were given incredible speed we would get bored. By giving an addition with an initial limit then it makes it worthwhile and more purposeful. I would be able to float and fly slowly like jogging and if I wanted to then I could race around once fit enough.

And lastly, what is your favourite book/ author of all time?

My favourite author was Lemony Snickett who wrote The Series of Unfortunate events featuring Clause, Sunny, Violet and the dreadful count Olaf. This was a great favourite of mine because it was different to fantasy and dragons. You read into the lives of the orphans and their terrible events that happened within. I found it engaging and on-going to read because it could be real and it has interesting morals and concept along the way.


Questions aside, it is now time to nominate who I believe should get the Liebster award.  I should supposedly choose someone with under 1000 followers but I feel even with more followers people still deserve the award.

The five bloggers are.


John Moone


Now because I have broken a rule choosing who the award goes to I shall try and keep the questions as interesting as possible to make the whole experience worthwhile!

  1. Did you ever go through a stage of desperation in your life? If you did, then how did you get past that time?
  2. What was the happiest moment of your life?
  3. When it comes to religion, is it real or do people just want faith in something?
  4. Do the media show too much negativity and not lighten the positive things happening around the world?
  5. Are we becoming too dependent on technology?
  6. What has helped motivate you during the first year after leaving school/college
  7. If you’re married is the whole thing worth it. If you’re not married, what are you looking forward to most in the commitment?
  8. Have you ever felt you loved someone for a long time but let it pass?
  9. Do you believe in ghosts and what experiences have you encountered ( that is if you believe)
  10. What does the bible mean to you?
  11. Without love in the world what would humans do and how would we interact with each other

Okay so here are the rules:

  1. Thank the nominator and post a link to his/her blog
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Answer the eleven questions provided by the nominator
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs which have less than 1,000 followers( I know I broke this rule), and let them know they’ve been nominated
  5. Make up and post eleven questions for your nominees to answer
  6. Post these rules on your blog


The MH17 Disaster

The MH17 disaster was worst disaster to happen in my lifetime since the 911 crash into the twin towers on September the 11th. It is deeply affected me as a mass murder of innocent people over yet again other peoples’ problems.

Many viewers may wonder why I am writing about this, and there are other things perhaps to focus on. These may be the troubles in Gaza or a cannibalistic nurse who tried to meet a teenage girl through sexual grooming. My concerns for stories of violence and bombing have gone; sadly this is now media norm. Israel and American intervention in the past have caused this and it is an on-going realm of violence. Children and women of Pakistan and Gaza dismembered from bombs are nothing new as the countless reports of deaths become frequent. The MH17 could be just another “typical” news story, I however didn’t count it. It was gruesome and the scenes are upsetting like images of the Gaza events. To me however, it was a step to far in the hate, desperation and foolishness within people. If it was for political reasons then I have lost faith in the world.

There has been a lot of search and desperate efforts to get to the bottom of the exact cause of the disaster. Was the Malaysian MH17 downed by a BUK ground to air missile or was it the fighter jets that suspiciously followed the plane. The crash location is placed in an active war zone controlled by Pro-Russian rebels making gathering of evidence strenuous and slow as access to the sight strangely is very restricted even to investigators. It is an outrage and global frustration that people are not able to act within the area and try and solve what exactly happened. Pro-Russian rebels have been accused of trying to hide evidence. A normal investigation would have tons of people at the location and we would be making progress, here we only just managed to get teams passed the armed rebels.

More than anything, within the whole catastrophic event there were bodies. Peoples’ relatives, children, wives and husbands were still left in the dirt; dogs and wild animals are able to eat the remains of loved ones like pieces of meat. The thing so upsetting about this is that these are not people belonging to a warzone. Normal civilians, families and holiday makers were on a plane that was deliberately diverged on a route to be shot down. It was no accident. The MH17 was pre-meditated to come down that day. This event becomes a true upset to many people, none of whom should have died that day and lost their lives for nothing. A chilling set of images show playing cards and children’s colouring books they were using during the flight. Scenes like this show the surreal effect of what happened and the innocence of the people on-board.

People stand next to the wreckages of th...People stand next to the wreckages of the malaysian airliner carrying 295 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur after it crashed, near the town of Shaktarsk, in rebel-held east Ukraine, on July 17, 2014. Pro-Russian rebels fighting central Kiev authorities claimed on Thursday that the Malaysian airline that crashed in Ukraine had been shot down by a Ukrainian jet. AFP PHOTO/DOMINIQUE FAGETDOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images article-2696975-1FC1B02E00000578-117_964x640 mh17 bangkai


Keys to the paper

Writing is a finite skill, practice is needed and it may take a lifetime. Structuring is essential to unleash your potential however, with compound, complex, subordinate and clauses, you can stand up and present with the greatest applauses.

The nameless white

Something caught the glimpse of her eye, it fell above dancing and swirling as it fell. Curious as she was, Stacy picked it up. A brief pause fell over her as she reached out. She wondered whether it was the right thing to do. It was a busy sidewalk and if she didn’t act it would get trampled and ruined, a pristine shine would soon become grit of the walkway. After a shudder the guilt wiped away and she picked it up. The letter did not appear how it fell. The dense thick outline of card was anything but discrete, the letter was nameless, no address or even a stamp.

Writing101: Task four- The butterfly with no wings

Today, write about a loss. This can be something or someone. This task does not need to be depressing. What is important to do is reflect on the experience and what it meant, how it felt and why it happened. What changed because of this loss?

Unlike other people who may write about an important family member or cuddly toy, I’m writing about more mental idea.

This loss which I am faced with is confidence. It may seem like a walk in the park for some, walking in this park however for me, is hard. You see, everyone else just strides out with big steps on every part of the path. For me I take small steps, steps which are hardly anything and they often make the journey harder than it is. Because of these small steps I often get over taken, people get in front of me or I approach many piles of dog poo for some reason.

Now, this loss of confidence has not come sudden, this loss was more gradual and happened after I left school. Times in my life often are quiet because of this missing part and I may not always rise to opportunities. The days roll over and I become more of a recluse, wishing not to I just sit and try to hope. The fact is that it because a circle and I become trapped in the web not knowing how to get out.

For the confident people out there, have a look at this: A butterfly with no wings is similar to how I feel. Butterflies are wonderful, they like to fly and engage freely with other insects or flowers. If you removed the wings it would not fly, the journey from flower to flower would be slow. The butterfly would reach the goals but only in a long time, others would have reached it and taken all the nectar. For me in some situations I find myself trapped and surrounded. Others are more like the butterfly. I desperately want to get there but my journey is slow and held back.

Wonders of the sky: A short piece

After the storm is when the clouds resign

The rain and the hail wiped out of time

The mysterious colours come into view

The canvas sky suddenly an attractive hue

The sky remains this attractive piece

Suddenly, a fury of wind comes from the east

The colours are washed and the canvas blows dry

One again, a darkness of sorrow approaches the sky